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*Notre Dame College - Year 8-12, 2024 Application for Enrolment

Notre Dame College (the College) operates with the consent of the Bishop of the Diocese of Sandhurst and is owned, operated and governed by Catholic Education Sandhurst Limited (CES), where formation and education is based on the principles of Catholic doctrine, and where the teachers are outstanding in true doctrine and uprightness of life. This application is stage 1 of 3 and is part of the Enrolment Framework which is available at

Please note: Lodgement of this Application for Enrolment must be accompanied by the relevant documents. Applications which are incomplete or missing appropriate documentation will not be considered for enrolment.

Required documentation:

  • Birth certificate
  • Baptism certificate (if applicable)
  • Immunisation certificate

If you have any questions completing this form please email

Disclaimer: Personal information will be held, used and disclosed in accordance with the school's Privacy Collection Notice and Privacy Policy available on our website.


List of Allowed file types
Given name Surname House Year level

List of Allowed file types


List of Allowed file types



PARENT/GUARDIAN DETAILS - This person will be the ONLY contact for the applicant at this stage of the application process.

Street/PO Box Suburb Post Code

By signing below, the parent/guardian acknowledges:

  • this is a request for the named applicant to be considered for enrolment in the College according to the College‚Äôs Enrolment policy, and that the College's receipt of this application does not mean the College has enrolled the applicant.
  • the College will consider this request and endeavour to communicate the outcome of this consideration as soon as possible.
  • that any initial offer will be provisional, with the parent/guardian then required to provide additional information according to Government and other requirements, and to agree to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment.

Note: The Victorian Government provides the following guidance regarding admission requirements.

Consent can be provided through the signature of:

  • student, if over 15 and living independently
  • parent as defined in the Family Law Act 1975

Note: In the absence of a current court order, each parent of a child who is not 18 has equal parental responsibility.

  • both parents, for parents who are separated, or a copy of the court order with any impact of the relationship between the family and the College
  • an informal carer, with a statutory declaration.


  • may be a relative or other carer
  • have day to day care of the student with the student regularly living with them
  • may provide any other consent required e.g. excursions.

Notes for an informal carer:

  • statutory declarations apply for 12 months
  • the wishes of a parent prevail in the event of a dispute between a parent legally responsible for a student and an informal carer.