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Youth Adult Helper Expression of Interest

EOI to be an Adult Helper/Adult Supervisor in the St John Youth program

Thank you for your interest in being an Adult Helper/Leader in the St John Youth program. St John has a number of Youth Divisions that operate across Victoria. This EOI is the first part of the process of being an adult helper/leader within a St John Youth Division. Please note that this EOI is not to be a St John Volunteer to attend events and provide First Aid. 

St John Adult Helpers/Leaders are:

  • aged 18 years and older
  • considered, through appropriate screening mechanisms, suitable to work with, or around, children.

St John Youth programs are voluntary, community-based programs for the development of children and young people into socially responsible, service orientated citizens. The St John Youth program is facilitated by suitable adult volunteers who undertake a leadership and management training program, as well as mandatory annual training in providing child safe environments.

All adult volunteers of St John are screened to ensure that they are suitable to work with, or around, children and young people. St John has zero-tolerance for child abuse and will take any allegation, suspicion or complaint relating to child safety very seriously. The participation of Adult Helpers/ Leaders is an essential component of the Program. Without Adult Volunteers, the Program could not be facilitated. 

You can find the Youth Adult Helper Position Description attached below, please read this document for a full description of the role and expectations.

The process to become an Adult Helper/Leader in St John Youth is as follows:

  • The applicant submits an EOI (this form)
  • The EOI will be followed up with a phone call to discuss the EOI and conduct a preliminary interview.
  • Where the applicant is deemed suitable the applicant will be invited to a formal interview and to visit a Youth Division. (If the applicant is deemed not suitable they will be advised in writing)
  • After the applicant's formal interview a recommendation will be made to the State Youth Manager. Where the applicant progresses to the next stage the Child Safety, background check, referee check and criminal record check will be conducted.
  • Where the membership application is approved the member will be advised and will be required to undertake induction training. Should the application be unsuccessful, the applicant will be advised in writing. 

Please complete the details below and a member of the youth team will be in touch regarding your expression of interest.

Personal Information

Service Information

Personal or Professional Referees (Cannot be a family member or partner)


A number of approval stages need to be completed before this submission can be accepted.
Youth Administration Officer
Appropriate approvers from the Youth Administration Officer group will be automatically allocated for this approval stage.
State Office endorsement
Appropriate approvers from the State Office endorsement group will be automatically allocated for this approval stage.