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Formal Grievance and Conflict Resolution against the Principal

This form is for all grievances, conflicts or complaints relating to The Principal of The Friends' School, except those relating to the matters listed below.  

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I declare/understand that:

  1. The details I have provided in this form are correct to the best of my knowledge.

  2. Consistent with Quaker tradition a Grievance, Conflict or Complaint is encouraged to be attempted to be resolved person to person at the school/workplace level before any external agencies are notified or involved.

  3. Despite (b) I may at any time seek the involvement of any external agency to resolve the Grievance, Conflict or Complaint.

  4. Formal action can be brought against me for acting unreasonably in any process under this guideline including but not limited to making vexatious, false or frivolous claims or otherwise claims not made in good faith or without a reasonable basis against another person.

This form and the subsequent process will be treated in accordance with the School’s policies and guidelines, including, but not limited to the Grievance Policy, Grievance Guidelines, Privacy Policy and Privacy Guidelines. When this form is submitted it will be logged in the School’s Complaints Register and an alert will be sent to the Presiding Member of the Board of Governors or their delegate to make contact with you. If you are a staff member of the School a copy of your form will also be provided to Human Resources.