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Formal Grievance and Conflict Resolution against the Principal

This form is for all grievances, conflicts or complaints relating to the Principal of The Friends’ School.  Child Safeguarding issues and any other matters that do not relate to the Principal should be submitted through the Feedback Form: Child Safeguarding Concerns, Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints

List of Allowed file types

This form and the subsequent process will be treated in accordance with the School’s policies and guidelines, including, but not limited to the Grievance Policy, Grievance Guidelines, Safeguarding Children Policy and Expectations, Mandatory Reporting Policy, Standards and Expectations Privacy Policy and Privacy Guidelines. When this form is submitted it will be logged in the School’s Complaints Register and an alert will be sent to the Presiding Member of the Board of Governors or their delegate to make contact with you. If you are a Friends’ staff member a copy of your form will also be provided to Human Resources.