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Youth Friendly Complaint & Reporting Form

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St John cares about you and we're here to help. When you give us feedback or make a complaint, we will always try our best to help you. We will always treat you kindly and take your complaint or feedback seriously.

If you need help to fill out this form you can call email us at or phone a Child Safety Officer on 03 9483 4386.

It is important to know that there are some problems that St John might also need to get others to help with. This means that we might need to tell someone about a problem when we think that extra help is needed. We will always do our best to support you if this happens. 

When you make a complaint, this will be forwarded onto the right person in the right part of St John, unless you tell us you don't want this to happen. You also have the right to be anonymous or not give your name or contact details to us. 


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Press submit form button below and your form will be submitted. If you wanted to follow up on your complaint or add to your complaint you can email

This form will be sent to our State Office to be allocated to the best person which can help fix the problem or try to make the problem better. They will look at your complaint and think about how we can best help you. We may also try to talk to you, if you agreed for us to do this, so we can find out more about what happened.

Once we think we have all the information, we will make a decision. If you aren't happy with our decision, you can ask for your case to be looked at again, and a different person will look at it and make a decision.

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A number of approval stages need to be completed before this submission can be accepted.
Child Safety Team Review
Appropriate approvers from the Child Safety Team Review group will be automatically allocated for this approval stage.