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Youth Membership Application

This form is for all new YOUTH membership applications for Scouts ACT.

Youth membership includes:

  • Joey Scouts (ages 5-8 years)
  • Cub Scouts (ages 8-11 years)
  • Scouts (ages 11-14 years)
  • Venturers (ages 14-17).

Existing or new Venturers who have turned 18 must apply for Adult Membership here (do not use this form).

Intending Rovers (aged 18-25) must apply for Adult Membership here (do not use this form).

If you are applying for more than one Youth Membership, please fill in a separate application for each new member.  

Contact if you have any questions.

PART 1: Information about the YOUTH applicant.

Please provide the full legal name of the Youth, and their preferred name.

Why are we asking for gender?

We ask about gender because it helps us understand and meet the needs of our members (for example it helps us plan and deliver better Scout activity programs, better training, and better facilities).

We also ask because gender inclusivity and diversity are metrics by which we are assessed when applying for government and philanthropic funding.

If the way we have phrased or constructed the following question can be improved, please let us know. We welcome the feedback.

PART 2: Primary Parent/Carer

The primary parent/carer will receive all notices and information, including consent forms to authorise the participation of the youth member in various Scouting activities.

Home Address Postal Address (if different)
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Suburb / Town / City

PART 3: Second parent/carer.

Where a Second Parent/carer is marked as authorised to act as the Primary Carer, some of our database systems may generate notices and emails to the Second Parent/Carer. However, although upgrades are underway, not all systems are capable of this at present.

If there is no second parent or carer, please write 'NA' at each question.

Home address Postal address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Suburb / Town / City

PART 4: Emergency, Medical and Custodial Arrangements

Scouts ACT uses Operoo to manage information about youth member's health and medical requirements, and to collect parent/carer permission for their participation in various activities.

In the coming days you will receive an automatic invitation from Operoo asking you to create a 'profile' for your child (or to share your child's Operoo profile with Scouts ACT if they already have one).

Operoo also stores the information needed to contact you, or someone else you nominate, in the event of an emergency.

List of Allowed file types

PART 5: Terms and Agreement

By signing this form you confirm that you have read and agree with Scouts ACT's terms. You also confirm that you are the legal guardian of the child, and that you are over 18 years of age.

Conditions for acceptance of members under 18 years of age.

Please read carefully before signing.

I am the parent or carer of the youth member listed in the form and request permission for them to participate in activities organised by the Scout Association of Australia ACT Branch Incorporated (Scouts ACT) ('the Association').

Part A – Release and Indemnity

I am aware that the Association is not responsible for any injuries or damage to property which may occur in circumstances where the Association has not been negligent. I am aware that it is also a condition of the applicant joining the Association and participating in its activities that I release and indemnify the Association in respect to any injury or damage in any circumstances where the Association is not indemnified by a policy of insurance.

I have warned the applicant that impulsive, wilful or disobedient behaviour may risk causing injury to themselves, to others or to property.

In consideration of the applicant's being permitted to:

  • join the Association;
  • participate in activities organised by or for the Association; and/or
  • use the equipment and facilities provided by and for the Association;

I hereby:

  • for and on behalf of the applicant and for myself, my heirs and assigns, release and forever discharge; and
  • agree to be liable for and to indemnify the Association, its officers, leaders, employees, agents and contractors, whether voluntary or paid (the 'beneficiaries'), jointly and severally from and against any loss, damage or liability and all actions, suits, claims, costs and demands arising out of or concerning any accident illness, injury, death, loss or damage to persons or property which occurs to the applicant or to any other person:
    • during or as a result of the applicant's participation in any activity or function connected with the Association;
    • when travelling to or from any such activity.

    This release and indemnity does not extend to any loss, damage, liability, action, suit, claim, cost or demand to the extent that the beneficiaries may claim indemnity under any insurance policy held by the Association, and the relevant insurer has agreed or has been ordered to provide indemnity.

    Part B - Authority to obtain necessary medical treatment

    I authorise the beneficiaries to obtain any medical assistance which is in the opinion of the beneficiary necessary for the applicant, including hospital accommodation in the event that the applicant suffers any accident or illness. In the event that medical expenses are incurred which the beneficiaries cannot claim under any policy of insurance, I agree to pay for those expenses.

    Part C – Permission to use photographs

    (Optional) I give permission to use photographs of the youth applicant attending Scouting activities for publicity purposes.

    Part D – Acknowledgement

    I acknowledge that I have read and understood and that I agree to the terms of this release, indemnity and authority to obtain necessary medical treatment.

    Privacy Notice

    The Scout Association of Australia ACT Branch Incorporated (Scouts ACT) respects your privacy. Scouts ACT collects personal information for the purpose of processing applications for membership and fulfilling its obligations to members. This includes:

    • administering Scouts ACT activities or services provided by or to each member (including member's health and safety at those activities and receiving feedback about activities or services);
    • communicating with the member, the member's parents or carers, and others, to facilitate those activities and services;
    • obtaining help or participation in those activities from parents and carers.

    This information may include sensitive information, such as health information about youth members, or information about trade or professional skills that parents and carers may be able to offer. If Scouts ACT does not collect this personal information, it may not be able to carry out the purposes described above satisfactorily. Individuals have certain rights to access their personal information held by the Branch by contacting Scouts ACT (see below).

    Unless otherwise required or authorised by law, or your consent, this personal information will only be disclosed to:

    • Scouts ACT staff, Leaders, Youth Helpers and some branch members to assist Scouts ACT in carrying out the purposes described above; and
    • agents of Scouts ACT (such as mailing houses) to assist Scouts ACT in carrying out the purposes described above (for example, communicating with youth members and their parents/carers about Scouts ACT matters, or unless you tell us you do not wish to receive it, sending information to you about other products and services).

    Contact Details:

    The Privacy Officer, Scouts ACT, 89 Kitchener Street, Garran ACT 2605

    P: 02 6282 5211. E:

    You can find out more about Scouts ACT's use of your personal information in Policy 2.11 at:

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